Indoor Plantscaping

Indoor plants bring nature into your home/office. Nothing can take the place of them as they are also associated with promoting emotional and environmental benefits for living and working. The aesthetic touch plants bring into your home is highly rewarding. They boost your mood, improve your overall well-being and make your interiors cozy.

Indoor plantscaping is much more than the act of bringing plants indoors. It is about the placement and selection of plant species within the space available to highlight and enhance aspects of spatial design by considering every aspect like space, interiors and lightning conditions of your house etc.

Adding a bit of nature to your rooms, lobbies, guest lounges, conference rooms, employee break rooms, collaborative workspaces, management offices, and even corridors offers your employees and your visitors a welcoming environment.

Benefits of having indoor plants in living or work space

  • Cleanses air – plants purify air naturally, absorbing toxins in the air and pumping out oxygen thereby increasing the quality of air we breathe in.
  • Mold reduction – plants decrease the harmful mold naturally 
  • Mood boosters – having a space with plants promotes a good vibe for any space. 
  • Natural healing – Reduce stress, anxiety and depression and will help you recover from illness faster
  • Increased sales – in a retail space, plants have been shown to encourage sales. Plants help people to concentrate, which in turn helps to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency and thereby increasing the possibility of promotions.
  • Increased productivity – when plants are used in the workspace, employees have a reprieve from technology, allowing them to reset and recharge. Office plants in any workspace may improve the staff productivity & well-being by 50 %
  • Employee retention – employees that work in a greener environment tend to be happier, leading to employee retention
  • Cost effective – with the right plants, a bold visual impact can be achieved more economically than with new furniture or architectural elements
  • Adds curb appeal – in temperate climates, potted plants can completely revive a tired exterior

Why Plan A Plant?

Knowing what plants work in your space is overwhelming. But it may be challenging to choose the right plants among many options available, and ongoing maintenance can be daunting. That’s where Plan A Plant comes in and this is exactly the goal of our interior plantscaping service. With years of experience with not only maintaining healthy plants but the design eye to know where to place them, our designers and technicians take the guesswork out of it for you.


Plantscaping isn’t just a word for us; it is our passion. If you want to add a pop of color and a feeling of serenity, our plant experts know what you need and how to take care of it. You will feel the difference as well as see it. Your struggle with design and care ends here – lean on our years of experience. Let us do the toiling and planting while you enjoy the benefits. 

We Serve

  1. Hotels and Restaurants
  2. Co working spaces
  3. Corporate offices of any size
  4. Apartments
  5. Industries
  6. Small businesses
  7. Commercial Spaces

Getting started is easy and here is the process:

  1. Our design consultant / horticulturist will visit and evaluate your space–lighting, plant preferences, space available, and overall aesthetic.
  2. Following our consultation, they will design a plan that works for you, whether that means living plants in a variety of vibrantly colored or neutral planters, a living wall, or replica plants to fulfill your requirements.
  3. After the design is complete and freezed, our technicians will make sure that your investment is well maintained by carefully delivering, and installing your final approved plan on time.
  4. We ensure to carefully inspect and select our plants and planters for the best quality and recheck before installation at our client’s site for any imperfections like cracks on containers or any other minor defects.



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