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Free delivery on orders ₹999 or more | Shop Now

Kaner, Nerium Oleander (Pink, Single) - Plant

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Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc. The product is not returnable.

Kaner botanically known as Nerium oleander is an extremely tamed, hardy and low demanding outdoor plant, known for its long green foliage and pink flowers. 

What makes kaner speacial? 

  • Bright cloured flowers which are feast to eyes. 
  • Less demanding plant
  • Easy to maintain

This package contains

Kaner plant -

1 quantity

Recyclable Grower Plastic pot  -

5  inches of 1 quantity

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S. No

Plant details

Kaner plant -

1 quantity

Plant height  -

30 to 50 cms

Plant width -

15 to 20 cms

Note : images used here are for reference purpose only, As the product is a live plant it may vary in size and shape 

Flower colour -


Blooming season  -

Through out the year


Soil -

Soils with neutral pH, rich in organic matter and well drained nature

Water -

Only water your Hibiscus plant, when the top layers of soil feels dry to touch,however, maintaining consistent moisture is recommend

Light and temperature -

5 to 6 hours of bright to sunny locations and temperature of 18 to 27oc.

Fertilizers -

Use any well balanced liquid fertilizers once in 3 months, or

Use phosphorus rich fertilizers in the spring. 

Humidity  -

50 to 60 percent humidity is ideal, misting your plants once in a while will keep them healthy and dust free

Propagation -

Stem cuttings


Iam observing some white powdery spots on my kaner plant, please help!! 

It is the symptom of powdery mildew disease. 

Spray sulphur fungicides of low concentration

My kaner leaves are decaying, how to control it? 

As mentioned earlier, kaner is an hardy plant. Hence little watering is enough. Making foliage too wet leads to decaying of the leaves. 

Only water when the top layers of soil feels dry to touch. 

My kaner wilting, Any remedies? 

It is the sign of under watering, water your kaner when the top layers of soil feels dry to touch


  • you can grow kaner as your back yard flowering plant . 
  • You can also grow it as an outdoor plant on your terrace spaces
  • Kaner is mostly grown as hedge along the boarders of garden for landscaping.