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China Doll, Radermachera - Plant

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  • Leaves: The leaves are shiny, bipinnate, and can be 20–70 cm long and 15–25 cm wide.
  • Growth: The plant can grow 4–6 ft tall and has an upward growth habit.
  • Light: The plant grows best in full sun or bright, indirect light.
  • Soil: The plant prefers moist, well-drained soil.
  • Temperature: The plant grows well in warm, humid conditions.
  • Hardiness zones: In the US, the plant grows best in USDA hardiness zones ten through twelve.

The China doll (Radermachera sinica) is a fairly new houseplant that has become very popular and widely available. This plant is like a tree, with attractive, glossy, mid-green leaves divided into leaflets. This plant remains fairly compact and it's easy to look after.

Plant Constituents

  1. China doll plant
  2. Recyclable Plastic pot 5inch
  3. Healthy soil mix

Plant care

  • Light: China doll plants need bright, indirect light for at least four to five hours a day. Place them near an east- or west-facing window, but protect them from direct sunlight. If your windows don't provide enough light, you can use an artificial plant light.
  • Soil: Plant China doll plants in well-draining soil.
  • Watering: Water China doll plants regularly. They are sensitive to under- and over-watering, which can cause leaves to drop.
  • Location: Avoid drafts and changing conditions.
  • Other tips: If your plant is drooping, it might need water.


  • Air purification: These plants can purify the air, remove dust, and produce fresh oxygen. This can be beneficial for respiratory health and skin concerns.
  • Decor: They have glossy green leaves and a bushy appearance.
  • Low maintenance: These plants are easy to cultivate and care for.
  • Indoor and outdoor growth: They can grow in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Pet-safe
  • Space-friendly
  • Slow-release fertilizer