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Jade Plant in Red pot

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The jade plant is an evergreen with thick branches. It has thick, shiny, smooth leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches. Leaves are a rich jade green, although some may appear to be more of a yellow-green.

Product Constituents

  • Jade plant
  • Square 4" Red pot
  • Description Tag
  • Healthy soil mix

Plant Care

  • Light
    Jade plants need lots of light, at least four hours a day from a south- or west-facing window. They prefer full sun or bright, filtered light. During the growing season, keep the soil moist but not wet. During the dormant season, let the soil dry out.
  • Temperature
    Jade plants do best with daytime temperatures between 65 and 75° F, and nighttime temperatures between 50 and 55° F. During the winter, protect plants from drafts and don't let their leaves touch windowpanes.
  • Humidity
    Jade plants are succulents and don't require high humidity. They prefer 30–45% humidity. Too much moisture can cause black or brown spots on the leaves.
  • Fertilizer
    Fertilize jade plants every two weeks during the growing season and once a month during the dormant season. Use fertilizers for cacti and other succulents.
  • Repotting
    Jade plants are slow growers and can remain in the same pot for several years. Repot younger plants every 2–3 years, and mature plants every 4–5 years. Repot in spring when plants are beginning a new growth spurt. Use a new pot that is only slightly larger.
  • Pruning
    Regular trimming keeps the foliage compact and allows the stem to grow thicker. Pinch off new tips and trim leggy growth to encourage branching.

Plant Benefits

  • Air purification: Jade plants can remove up to 87% of airborne toxins in 24 hours. They can also absorb carbon dioxide at night, which can help with sleep and keep indoor air fresh.
  • Humidity: Jade plants can increase humidity, which can help maintain youthful skin.
  • Low maintenance: Jade plants are easy to care for and slow growing.
  • Stress and mood: Jade plants can reduce inflammation and boost mood. Being near jade plants has also been linked to improved mental health and lower stress levels.
  • Antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic: Jade plants have these properties, which is why some consider them sacred.
  • Medicinal: In Chinese culture, jade plants are used as a medicinal plant.


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