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Kavita Kutti

“Beautiful plant with excellent customer service from start to end.My niece is delighted with her gift.”

Kavita Kutti
Anal Ghosh

“They had a wide range of purifiers, herbs, pots, flowering plants and pots to choose from, and gave good recommendations.”

Anal Ghosh
Srinath Gopalkrishna

“Wide range of gifting and bulk buying of plants and garden related solutions available. “

Srinath Gopalkrishna
Vinod Udaram

Plan a plant .. loveable service on time as requested. Wonderful service by Plan a Plant.

Vinod Udaram
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Do you know the right way of watering your plants?

Do you know the right way of watering your plants? Plants are living creatures that can’t speak. Just like humans they also require water and food to live and grow. So it’s the responsibility of humans to understand the basic requirements of plants.  Watering the plant daily and appropriately is the most important thing. So you need to be cautious…

Boost up your memory with Rosemary

Boost up your memory with Rosemary Forgetfulness is a common problem to many people these days.This will become a serious issue if not taken care at proper time. There are many ways one can control this issue,  Rosemary is one among them. Facts:- Rosemary is best to grow in a pot in the summer. It requires very little water. It…