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Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now
Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now

Indoor Plantscaping

Indoor plantscaping is nothing but how awesomely and effectively you could imagine, design and be able to highlight and implement your Choice of plants by considering every aspect like space, interiors and Lightning conditions of your house etc.

Indoor plants bring nature into your home. Even though you may face some challenges in your house plant journey, you must admit that nothing can take the place of them. The aesthetic touch plants bring into your home is highly rewarding. They boost your mood, improve your overall well-being and make your interiors cozy. 

How could anyone ignore the Classy look and loaded health benefits that house plants bring into your home with no trouble and less budget? Especially nature lovers! We are the right choice for you! Plan A Plant has come up with many Spectacular ideas with the best Indoor and low maintenance plants by considering your interiors to brighten up your living space.

Everyone can be a Houseplant Hero now! Yes! We are here to help you with all the dose of Care tips and information you need to know to become a Houseplant hero.

Come join us! Experience the fresh feel and change over that plants bring into your home. What’s stopping you? 

We serve:-

  1. Hotels and Restaurants
  2. Co working spaces
  3. Corporate offices of any size
  4. Apartments
  5. Industries
  6. Small businesses
  7. Other Companies

Benefits of having indoor plants in your home:-

  1. Believe it or not, office plants in any workspace may improve the staff productivity & well-being by 50 %.
  2. Plants are the Source of pleasure and can uplift  your mood always.
  3. Reduce stress, anxiety and depression and will help you recover from illness faster 
  4. Plants help people to concentrate, which in turn helps to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency and thereby increasing the possibility of promotions.
  5. Improve the quality of indoor air and remove toxins.

Our Service Process  include:

Consultation and Design planning

  1. We will schedule an Interior plantscaping consultation appointment at your workplace to meet,discuss and to know the complete requirements of your environment. 
  2. Following our consultation, our PlanAPlant’s specialised horticultural team and interior designing team will provide you with the best and  latest options to fulfill your requirements. 
  3. Our plan comes with a variety of plants and specially made planters considering your interiors and your taste.


  1. PlanAPlant experts will creatively Plan, prepare, carefully deliver, and install your final approved plan on time.
  2. As Client satisfaction is our prior motto, we source plants from the best nurseries and vendors from all over India.
  3. To ensure, we carefully inspect and select our plants and planters for the best quality and recheck before installation at our client’s site for any imperfections like cracks on containers or any other minor defects.


  1. With customization as our core principle, Plan A Plant aims to provide the best possible gardening services and maintenance.
  2. To make sure that your plants look as fresh as the day we deliver them, PlanAPlant provides ongoing maintenance. So you don't need to worry anymore!! 
  3. Our horticulture team will send a trained person to maintain your plants perfectly with utmost love and care!
  4. You will be assured by our team to arrive on the same day of every week so that you and our plants will be prepared on that day. No surprises, no worries!
  5. To safeguard your investment as our core principle, we provide customizable programmes for you.

Our Indoor beautification Services start from Rs11,111* onwards.

*Conditions apply