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Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now

About Us



To make the living place green, healthy and positive.


To empower the surroundings and improve the quality of life for our customers by bringing greenery to their doorstep thereby helping them to live in synchrony with mother earth.


  • To spread the awareness on benefits plants bring to us, our workplace, home and environment.
  • To encourage kitchen gardening for vegetables and fruits leading to organic style of living.
  • To develop an easy to use and affordable platform for the choice of plants required.
  • To improve the air quality and enhance the beauty around the living space by recommending indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Provide a quality choice for plants lovers and those interested in gardening.
  • To deliver medicinal plants for a healthy living.

Project Activities

We are passionate about plants and all the benefits they bring to us. They keep the environment oxygen abundant which helps in reducing pollution and maintaining fresh air. They also have maximum medicinal values for good health.

Our aim is to improve everyone’s workplace and living environments. We plan to work with small and large scale businesses across industries, including the educational centers, hospitals, hotels, offices, restaurants, malls and retail outlets. We also provide planting options for residentials and communities. We would conduct large scale awareness campaigns in events and gatherings encouraging people to “Plan for Plants”.

We match your requirements, find plants of your choice and deliver healthy plants with benefits attached to it. We work directly with customers or tie-up with interior designers or architects or facility management companies helping them in landscaping the available space.

We provide wide variety - vegetable plants, flowering plants, indoor and outdoor plants, aquatic plants, cactus and succulents, ferns, landscape plants, bamboo, avenue trees and many more.