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Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now
Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening adds a beautiful dimension to your indoor or outdoor growing spaces. Vertical gardens are one of the hottest new garden trends though it is one of the oldest. This style of gardening is a perfect solution for just about any garden or space—indoors or outside. The most obvious reason people choose to build a vertical garden is due to their limited growing space. Vertical gardens can be put on indoor or outdoor walls, on fences or even on free standing structures to create new spaces to grow and make good use of spaces that are unusable for traditional gardening techniques.

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Benefits of having a Green Wall

  1. Acts as a protective shield by purifying the air around you
  2. Optimises humidity
  3. Saves lot of your space
  4. Aesthetic visual appeal
  5. Fewer pest issues
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Control sound pollution
  8. Make your boring wall aesthetically pleasing

Plan A Plant thrives to encourage such sustainable and healthy living or work space around. We present the expertise, required tools and services to set up a beautiful and decorative vertical garden in the place available in and around your building or office. Our modular gardening kits and irrigation system with maintenance services in affordable packages help in easy set up so you only have to enjoy the benefits. With customization as our core principle, Plan A Plant aims to provide the best possible gardening services suitable for the space available!!

So, If you’re looking for practical as well as stylish vertical garden, then you are at the right place - Plan A Plant. All you need to get started is fill this form to book an appointment with our Gardening expert/architect.

Few key points about our Vertical Gardens set up:

  1. We are counted amongst the esteemed organisations and the Vertical Garden Installation Services provided by us are priced economically and as per industry standards.
  2. We work with a goal to manage conditions perfectly so that we can hit the job site on-schedule, rapidly offer the highest quality of installation, and leave with a fully satisfied customer.
  3. We deliver our services on time, every time and have many Happy Clients all over India.
  4. Known to lower the urban air temperature & the reliability and effectiveness of our services, we have extensive demand in the market to be used in residences, offices and commercial establishments, among others. 
  5. These services involve the installation of vertical gardens by trained installers, who are capable of handling small as well as large gardening projects.
  6. Green Walls/Vertical Gardens/Bio Walls provided by us comes with a 
  • Premium quality panels and fixtures
  • Healthy live plants
  • Soil-less planting media
  • Drip installation
  • Drainage system 
  • Maintenance expertise
  1. Our existing Vertical garden projects stand as an evidence to our quality work and maintenance

Our Vertical Garden Services start from Rs 11,111* onwards

*Conditions apply