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The best way to grow fresh vegetables and herbs - Windowsill gardening

The best way to grow fresh vegetables and herbs - Windowsill gardening

Having a garden in the backyard seems to be a luxury. Also, space constraints are the biggest problem for a rejoicing garden. Don't worry, If you don't have outside space. There's a wide variety of herbs and vegetables that flourish on your windowsill.

Windowsill gardening - grow vegetables and herbs

The best conditions for the plants to thrive are: 

  • Choice of windowsill: plants ought to get at least 4-5 hours of daylight. Therefore, select a windowsill that is appropriate.
  • Use potting mix and fertilizer, instead of using garden-mix
  • Make sure you water them when needed, no more - no less
  • Select a good planter with drainage holes and keep a plate under the planter to catch any water that makes it through

Guide to grow windowsill garden

Vegetable and herb plants for windowsill gardening ought to be those that don't need a lot of dampness and can fill in conceal. Suitable ones are: 

  • Lettuce
  • Chilies
  • Cherry tomato
  • Radish
  • Carrot
  • Cucumbers
  • Peas
  • Ginger  
  • Spinach
  • Onion
  • Pepper.


Cherry tomatoes

Windowsill Vegetable Garden: 17 Edibles You Can Grow Indoors

Cherry tomato seeds

If you have a sunny climate, it is easy to grow tomatoes. Given the space constraint, cherry tomato is the best choice as they grow in smaller pots.



How to plant pea seeds

Peas microgreens seeds

Peas are a pleasing accumulation to any kitchen garden with their lovely blossoms, refreshing green pods, and fantasy ringlets. Being low-maintenance plants they lean toward the sunny spot. Peas are light feeders and they produce their own nitrogen in the soil, so they are an inexpensive crop to grow.

Avoid over-fertilizing your soil or the plants will grow more leaves but not flowers and pods. Eat as soon as you pluck for freshness and flavor.



Windowsill Vegetable Gardening | Best Vegetables To Grow On Windowsill

Spinach Seeds

Spinach on a windowsill can be grown without any problem. Adequate daylight is enough for substantial growth. Growing spinach in pots doesn't require special care. Regular watering, the right soil, and fertilizing at regular intervals is all you need for an extraordinary harvest.



Indoor gardening: 3 crops to grow on a kitchen windowsill

Chilli Seeds

Chilies do not just add flavor to your dish, they can add zest to your life as well. Developing hot peppers on windowsills can be intriguing. You'll cherish your plants once they'll begin to blossom. Chilies grow well in the sunny climate. Peppers generally need two ingredients - sunlight and water.


Bitter Gourd

How To Grow Bitter Gourd Plant In Pot In Hindi-Garden Tip: आप भी आसानी से  गमले में उगा सकती हैं करेले का पौधा, जानिए कैसे

This perennial climber needs adequate support to grow. The plant produces yellow blossoms - both male and female - which are pollinated by insects. Bitter gourd grows in a wide variety of soils. However, favors penetrable, sandy soil. It grows best in hot and as well as humid weather.



Windowsill Vegetable Gardening | Best Vegetables To Grow On Windowsill

Plant the cloves in the dirt with their pointy side up. Keep the soil moist and in a couple of days, you can see a green shoot. A decent blend of peat, vermicompost, potting soil, and a tad of sand will give you the drainage, moisture retention, and nutrients that are essential for growing garlic.


Spring Onions

Why You Should Plant Your Windowsill Spring Onions Instead of Leaving Them  in Water

Spring onion seeds

Spring onions are a delicious addition to the salad. Spring onions can be grown in water and in little spaces like a windowsill. Fertile soil, sufficient drainage, great compost, and a lot of light are required for their growth.



How to Grow Lettuce Indoors? - Urban Potager

Lettuce Butter Head Red Seeds

It is probably the easiest plant to grow on a windowsill. Developing lettuce in pots requires the right kind of planter and soil. Lettuce needs plenty of space for roots. It doesn't need too much light.

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