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Bamboo palm - complete plant care guide

Bamboo palm - complete plant care guide

Bamboo palm botanically known as chamaedorea seifrizii is the member of the Araceae family. It is an easy to grow hardy palm which is less demanding, it adds tropical feels to your spaces. It's the gorgeous fuss free beauty which fits in your indoor spaces too. Its delicate green fronds are what urban plant parents are looking for!!!


  • Easy to grow
  • Can thrive in low light too
  • Fuss free palm
  • Purifies air
  • Improves ambience
  • Removes toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, chloroform, carbon monoxide and xylene

Already fallen for this beauty, wanted to know more about it, we heard you!! Read ahead to know the complete growth guide.



Chamaedorea needs soils with neutral pH and soils which are fertile, well aerated and free from water stagnation.


it loves to be grown under indirect light or filtered light, remember exposing your bamboo palm to direct high intensity light might burn its fonds. Filtered light is the light which passes through any curtains or glass windows, before it reaches your plant


Your bamboo palm loves moisture, but remember, it doesnt like soggy soils and gets sick as in soggy soils, the risk of rots are more. Water your bamboo palm before the soil gets dried up. Maintain consistent moisture


It thrives well under indoor temperatures, more specifically in the temperature range of 18 to 270c


Use any well balanced liquid fertilizers once in 3 months to provide optimum nutrition, you can also opt for bulky organic manures, do not forget to add slow releasing fertilizers while repotting.


Mist your bamboo palm, once in a while and wipe its leaves to keep them dust free and to increase the photosynthetic activity.

You need to take up little hassle while growing this beauty, here are the few foes c, you need to keep an eye on!!

Excess was never appreciated, same goes here with water too. Over watering leads to yellowing of leaves, never make your soil so soggy while watering and never let the soil become too dry, water your bamboo palm before the soil dries up.

Alternaria leaf spots or gray spots are the biggest enemies for your bamboo palm, spray fungicides at lower concentrations, immediately when you find gray spots on leaves.


  • you can keep bamboo palms at the corners of your spaces
  • You can also keep these palms in your shady balconies to bring those tropical land feels to your space. 
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