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Key to Healthy Potting Mix

Key to Healthy Potting Mix

Soil is the source of survival for the plants, they derives all the essential nutrients from it. Modern gardeners made variety of potting mixtures by adding various plant benefiting media to this soil which we now term as potting mixtures. A right potting mixture is essential for providing nourishment to your plant. Which in turn ensures good growth and development.


Any potting mixture basically consists of 3 base materials they are 

  • Organic materials
  • Inorganic materials
  • Fertilizers

Organic materials generally include compost,minerals, moss, bark etc.. which are of natural sources, which nourishes the plant.

Inorganic materials include pumice, vermiculite, perlite etc… which creates the necessary conditions for plant growth

Fertilizers, they nourish the plant by supplying nutrients. These fertilizers can be from organic sources or inorganic sources or sometimes both.


Though the proportion of  ingredients in the potting mixture may vary depending upon the type of plants we grow, the ingredient list is as follows

  • Garden soil
  • Cocopeat
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Compost
  • Bark

Garden soil is the general red soil we use for gardening, it gets anchored by the roots well providing your plants a medium for growth.

Cocopeat is the product obtained from coconut and its important property is the capacity to hold water for longer periods. Cocopeat helps in the retention of moisture.

Perlite is light in weight and is obtained from volcanoes, it improves drainage and reduces soil compaction.

Vermiculite is another light in weight material and its having good moisture holding capacity and it improves drainage 

Moss is the organic ingredient in potting mixture, it is obtained from different types of mosses like peat moss, sedge moss and sphagnum moss, they are known for their ability to hold moisture.

Bark chips are the ones which are obtained from composted bark and are mostly used for orchids.

Depending on the type of plant we grow and its requirement, the proportion of these ingredients may vary.


Whatever may be the plant you grow, the ideal potting mixture should satisfy all these properties. It should have 

  • Good water holding capacity
  • Good aeration and drainage
  • Porosity
  • Ability to supply all the nutrients the plants required.


For indoor plants

  • 2 parts of garden soil
  • 1 part of cocopeat
  • ½ part of perlite or vermiculite
  • ½ part of organic manure or warm cast 

For succulents

  • 2 parts of coarse sand
  • ½ part of garden soil
  • ½ part of perlite
  • ½ part of compost

For starting seeds

  • 3 parts of cocopeat
  • ½ part of compost
  • ½ part of perlite

Universal potting mixture

  • 1 part of top garden soil
  • 1 part of cocopeat
  • 1 part of coarse sand

Universal potting mixture is ideal for almost all plants with the exception of a few.

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