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Plants - Women's Best Friends

Plants - Women's Best Friends

Women and Nature resemble each other in many ways. Women can create life from them like a delicate flower giving the hardest seed which grows into a huge tree. They exhibit strength in toughest situations like a conifer in wild storms. Women are gorgeous like the petals of rose.They nourish us like mother nature. There is always a strong connection between women and plants, They are inseparable and intertwined with each other. This article is all about celebration of womanhood with nature. Connection of femininity with flora.


Bridging Women and Worship

Flowers carry divine vibes. Women are the ones who pray selflessly for all our well being. Flowers are the tools which women offer to god to worship the supreme creator. Flowers are the token of blessings which connect us with god. Tulasi is considered sacred and worshiped by women since ages deeply connecting women with spirituality. Turmeric tinting the color of goodness.


Relaxing the Caregivers

Women make our lives easier. They put every effort possible for our happiness. Plants are one such beauties who relax the restless souls who work for us all the time. Plants reduce their stress and benefit their health by purifying the air and removing toxins. Truly relaxing our caregivers right!!


Glorifying The Gorgeous Women

Women are the synonym for beauty. Plants are the ones who glorify these gorgeous women by helping them in taking care of their beauty whether it might be directly or indirectly as ingredients in their beauty benefiting products. Be it aloevera gel or rose water, be it turmeric or soap nuts, plants always helped women in taking care of themselves.

Benefiting the Beauty

Nature compliments women in every way possible. Be it a flower which they adorn on their heads or a piece of floral jewelry, they have always been a part of women's beauty. Plant products like tulasi, lemon grass have been the major constituents in the traditional concoctions made by our grand mothers and have been major contributors in household medicine.

Women and Nature both have the ability to make things better.. Women are not lesser than wizards which could create wonders just like that. Here is our small attempt to acknowledge women on this eve of womens day. Use code “ WOW SALE “ to avail 10% off on your purchase.  HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY to the all the WOnderful Women 

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