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Rubber Plant

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Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc. The product is not returnable.

Rubber plant also known as Ficus elastica belongs to the family moraceae, is the native of South East Asia, A perfect choice for urban plant parents. Rubber plants reportedly have Air purifying properties.

This package contains

Rubber plant -

1 quantity

Recyclable  Self Watering Plastic pot -

5 inches of 1 quantity

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Note : images used here are for reference purpose only, As the product is a live plant it may vary in size and shape 


soil -

well drained soil rich in organic matter with neutral pH and slow releasing fertilisers

water -

Only water your plants when the top layers of soil dry when touched

Light and  temperature  -

It thrives well in shaded outdoors to bright indoors, thrives well in temperatures of 18 to 270c

Do not expose your plant to harsh sunlight, it might scorch your plant leaves.

fertilizers -

Apply any well balanced liquid fertilizer once in 3 months

humidity -

50 percent but misting your plant once in a while helps to keep it healthy and dust free

propagation -

Air layering


My Rubber plant leaves are showing brown spots, please help

Brown leaf spots of rubber plants are due to very dry Air. just mist your rubber plant when the air around feels dry.

My Rubber plant shedding leaves, what to do?

When the temperature falls extremely low, some plants might shed their leaves, if this is not the case, then it might be due to very low intensity of light for prolonged periods. Place your Rubber plant in a location where it receives at least 5 hours of indirect light.

Why are my Rubber plant leaves curling up?

Due to watering stress, water your Rubber plant when the top layers of soil feel dry to touch.


  • You can adorn your indoor work and home spaces using Rubber plant
  • Wipe your Rubber plant leaves once in a while using wet cloth to keep it dust free.
  • Remove dried and yellowed leaves immediately to keep your plant healthy.
  • Repot once in 2 years
  • Southern windows are ideal
  • Light from sheer curtains in the morning is ideal.