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Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now

Song Of India Variegated

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Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc. The product is not returnable.

song of india botanically called as dracaena reflexa is an hardy indoor plant known among urban folks for its long leaves. It is the native to madagascar. Song of india is reported to have air purifying properties. 

This package contains

Song of india -

1 quantity

Recyclable Plastic pot -

4 inches of 1 quantity

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S. No

Plant details

Song of india -

1 Quantity

Plant height -

30 to 40 cms

Plant width -

20 to 40 cms

Note : images used here are for reference purpose only, As the product is a live plant it may vary in size and shape 


Soil -

Soils with neutral pH, rich in organic matter and well drained nature

Water -

Only water your philodendron plant, when the top layers of soil feels dry to touch

Light and temperature -

5 to 6 hours of indirect to bright sunlight and temperature of 18 to 27oc.

Fertilizers -

Use any well balanced liquid fertilizers once in 3 months, or add bulky organic manures and slow realising fertilizers while repotting. 

Humidity  -

50 to 60 percent humidity is ideal, misting your plants once in a while will keep them healthy and dust free

Propagation -



My Song of india leaves are curling, please help!! 

Hey there!!! Not to worry, it's because of water stress and long gap between your irrigation schedules, ideally water your song of india when the top layers of soil feel dry to touch

My Song of india leaves turning yellow, what might be the cause? 

It's because of over watering. Do not overwater your song of india as it may results in root rot also. 

What is the ideal time to repot my Song of India ? 

When you observe your plant roots overgrowing the current pot, it is the indication that your song of india needs repotting. 


  • You can grow dracaena either sides of your entrance. 
  • You can adorn your corridors using dracena
  • It also improves air quality