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Stromanthe Triostar with self watering pot

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A member of the prayer plant family, the triostar folds its leaves up at night, and it can often be confused with the similar calathea plant. Although flowers can develop on this plant in spring when kept outdoors, it's the large, colorful leaves that are its star attraction indoors and out.

Product Constituents

  • Stromanthe Triostar Plant
  • 4" Self Watering Recyclable Plastic Pot
  • Healthy soil mix
  • Description Tag

Plant Care

  • Sunlight - Place the plant near a window with bright, indirect sunlight, such as a north or east facing window. Too much direct sunlight can damage the leaves, so watch for signs like brown or crispy leaves.
  • Watering - Water lightly and evenly with rainwater or fish tank water, around 20°C. Avoid tap water, which can contain chemicals and mineral salts that damage leaves. Top watering is better than bottom watering.
  • Humidity - Maintain humidity at least above 60%. Misting can help create the humidity the plant needs.
  • Temperature - The plant prefers temperatures between 65–80°F.
  • Fertilizer - Feed the plant once per month during the spring and summer with a general purpose houseplant fertilizer diluted to half-strength. Make sure the soil is damp, and never apply fertilizer to dry soil.
  • Light rotation - Turn the plant around once a week to help ensure a good, even distribution of the leaves.
  • Avoid drafts - Avoid drafts from vents or drafty doors and windows.

Plant Benefits

  • Stunning variegated foliage adds a pop of color to interiors.
  • Pet-friendly and purifies air, making homes healthier for everyone.
  • Low maintenance; easy to propagate, ideal for all plant lovers.
  • Air Purification plant