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Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now

Syngonium Green in 3inch Self Watering pot

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Syngonium podophyllum, commonly called arrowhead vine, is native from Mexico to Ecuador. It is an evergreen climbing vine that typically grows to 3-6' long. As a houseplant, it is typically grown for its attractive ornamental foliage which changes shape as the leaves mature.Comes in a beautiful printed white colour ceramic pot

Plant Constituents

  1. Syngonium Green Plant
  2. 3" Square Self watering pot
  3. Healthy soil mix
  4. Description Tag

Plant Care

  • Light - Syngoniums thrive in bright, indirect light, but can tolerate low light. They can grow quickly in a bright spot that's away from direct sun. Direct sunlight can burn their leaves.
  • Watering - Water the soil thoroughly, then wait for the water to drain. Empty any excess water from the saucer. Allow the top 3–5 cm of soil to dry out before watering again. Water regularly in spring and summer, but water less in the winter.
  • Humidity - Syngoniums originate from rainforests in Central and South America, so they do best in humid conditions. Mist regularly and keep away from sources of dry heat like radiators. They'll tolerate average household humidity, but will really thrive in a naturally humid spot like a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Soil - Syngoniums are not fastidious about soil. A traditional potting medium for Syngoniums is a mixture of coarse sand and leaf mold.

Plant Benefits

  • Excellent Air Purifier. This beautiful plant is not just eye-candy but also has the quality to clean the indoor air you breathe.
  • Boosts Humidity and Reduces Dry Air. 
  • A Perfect Feng Shui Plant.
  • Looks Adorable is syngonium plant benefits.
  • Easy to Grow. 
  • A Great Co2 Absorbing Plant.
  • Easy to care and maintain
  • Goes great for gift your loved ones.