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Free Shipping above ₹999 | Delivery All over India | Buy Now

Zamia (Zz Plant)-Set Of 5

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Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc. The product is not returnable.

Zz plant or zamia plant botanically known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia belongs to araceae family and is the native of south africa is an excellent indoor plant which could survive even in low light conditions for longer is the fuss free plant with unique stemless nature with low input requirements.

This package contains

Zamia plant or Zz plant -

5 quantity

Recyclable Self watering pot -

5 inches of 5 quantity

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Plant details

Zz plant -

5 quantity

Plant height -

2 to 3 feet

width -

30 to 50 cms

Note : images used here are for reference purpose only, As the product is a live plant it may vary in size and shape 


soil -

well drained soil rich in organic matter with neutral pH 

water -

Only water your plants when the top layers of soil feels dry when touched

Light and  temperature -

It thrives well in 4 to 5 hours of bright to indirect sunlight and  temperatures of 18 to 240c

fertilizers -

Apply any well balanced liquid fertilizer once in 3 months 

humidity -

50 to 60 percent but misting your plant once in a while helps to keep it healthy and dust free

propagation -

Stem cuttings with nodes (keep them in water to get rooting) or rhizome divisions 


My Zz plant is looking dull and drooping, please suggest some remedies

Dull appearance and drooping of plants under watering or dry air, water your plant and mist your plant once a while to maintain humidity.

My Zz leaves appears dusty, any remedies

Just wipe out your Zz leaves with wet or dry cloth, it not only tides up your plant but also improves aeration.

Small brown spots on Zz, what might be the reason?

These are leaf spots, not to worry,just  remove affected leaves. If infestation is too heavy, spray any sulphur based fungicides.


  • You could place this Zz plant in your corridors and both sides of your doors
  • You could even place it in the corners of your room
  • Repot generally once in 2 years or when the roots over grow the current containers.